Coalition & Partners

We believe that we are stronger as a community if we work together. There is a great deal of wonderful mutual aid and harm reduction outreach work happening throughout Los Angeles, the ones listed below are our friends and neighbors who we often share our energy and resources with. Please consider donating to them if you are able.


If you live in other parts of Los Angeles and are looking to get plugged into doing solidarity work, check out and subscribe to the Mutual Aid LA Network monthly dispatch newsletter.

“Solidarity across issues and populations is what makes movements big and powerful. Without that connection, we end up with disconnected groups, working in their issue silos, undermining each other, competing for attention and funding, not backing each other up and not building power. Mutual aid projects, by creating spaces where people come together on the basis of some shared need or concern in spite of their different and lived experience, cultivate solidarity.” -Dean Spade